Sunday, August 2, 2009

Longview Farm

Back in the day, Gil Markle was such an avid Zonkaraz fan that he punched a hole in the wall between two rooms in his house and set up a recording studio... just to record Zonkaraz. At that early point, the band consisted of Paul Vuona, Ricky Porter, and Joanne Barnard.

Now, zoom back here to the present and we have Gil Markle running a great website called "Diary of a Studio Owner" and hosting this great webpage all about Zonkaraz.

A Collecting of online Zonkaraz Stuff

I've started this blog to collect together links to anything found online that has anything to do with Zonkaraz.

My sister is Jo List, who Zonkaraz fans will more familiarly know by the name Joanne Barnard. She now lives with her husband, Mark List, on the island at Fort Myers Beach in Florida, and is enjoying life immensely with her two daughters and three grandchildren.

Here's a link to her webpage. And here's a link to Mark and Jo's Myspace Page.